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Deminer game

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Play Our Fun Shockwave Game: DEMINER

Deminer Game


 shockwave Shockwave Version: 8.5.1 Required. Click here for free download

Why have we created this game?

This game is used as a way of educating the British public about the dangers of landmines and unexploded ordnance. Every day, in many countries in the world, thousands of people are faced with the dangers of these munitions. We hope you will enjoy the game and learn a bit more about the dangers we are fighting!


The object of Deminer is to clear mines and UXOs (unexploded ordnance) from each of the 5 levels of the game within a set period of time.

But be warned, obstacles such as terrain, buildings and misleading signals from other metal objects may slow you down!

If you accidentally trigger 3 mines or UXOs in a level your mission is failed and you must begin again.

Before playing select the character you would like to be. Next you will be presented with a level introduction screen. Here you will learn about your mission and some facts about the country you are about to help. Select "Play" to begin.

Once the game has begun move your character around the level by using your keyboard's arrow keys.

As your character moves he/she automatically scans for mines and UXOs. When no signal is received the scanner display flashes green and the detector beeps slowly. When your character comes within range of a metal object the scanner begins to beep more quickly and the scanner display changes from green to amber (warning) then to red (danger) as you get closer. When the scanner beeps are almost continuous you have located an object that requires inspection. Click your keyboard's "SPACE" bar to inspect the object.

Press "P" on your keyboard to pause the game.

The amount of time you have left is shown to the left of the scanner display. The number of mines and UXOs still need to be found is indicated by the lighter tiles to the right of the scanner display.

Both the music and sound effects may be toggled on and off using the buttons either side of the scanner display

Recommended system requirements: Pentium III (or newer) or similar (AMD K7, Power Mac G4) 128 MB RAM Broad band internet conection (online version) Macromedia Shockwave player (online version) Sound card 16M colours screen

Minimum system requirements: Pentium II 300Mhz or similar (AMD K6 II 300Mhz or Power Mac G3 300Mhz) 64 MB RAM Internet conection (for online version) Macromedia Shockwave player (online version) Sound card 16M colours screen

Event funded by the European Union

Game Development: 1 Choice Internet:  www.1choice.co.uk

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Cover of Fatal Footprint Report

Fatal Footprint: The Global Human Impact of Cluster Munitions
November 2006

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