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Minesweeper - a Java applet by Ingo Schroeder


Minesweeper is a re-write of the famous xbombs. It is also know as Minesweeper distributed with MS Windows. You can specify the size of the board by simply giving different values for the height and the width attributes for the applet tag. Those values should be dividable by 16 for better results.

The Game

Hmm, it seems as if you don't use a Java compatible web browser. Bad luck, if you did you could play a game!

The Source

Here is the MineSweeper.java file. You can copy the images directly from the legend. No warranty. Enjoy.


This is a covered field.
Flag You put a flag on this field by clicking it with the right mouse button or by clicking it with the left mouse button while holding the shift key. This means you think there is a bomb on this field. The flag is just a reminder for you.
0, 1, 2,
3, 4, 5,
6, 7, 8
You uncovered these fields by clicking them with the left mouse button. They have no bombs on them. The numbers indicate how many bombs there are on the eight surrounding fields. The empty field means there are no bombs in the neighborhood. The main idea of the game is to use this information to identify the fields that carry bombs.
Bad luck. You just stepped on a mine. GAME OVER.
You only see this picture after you stepped on a mine. It means that you put a flag on a field that doesn't carry a bomb.
You only see this picture after you stepped on a mine. It indicates the location of a yet not uncovered bomb.

last revised 29/2/96 Ingo Schröder