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Uncle Chuck's Sokoban Solutions - Interactive Java Applets

There are 19 applets, each containing 20 puzzles (except for the last, which contains only 19 puzzles). Each applet is approximately 30 Kbytes, size-wise. Downloading of an applet occurs in two separate phases. Phase 1, initiated when you select an applet, is the downloading of the applet and the puzzle configurations (approximately 15 Kbytes). Phase 2, initiated the first time that you start the applet's solver, is the downloading of the solver (approxiamtely 15 Kbytes). Therefore, expect these two minor downloading delays.

For user instructions, press the 'HELP' button after the selected applet is ready for play.


Uncle Chuck's Sokoban Solutions Project --- The Details

As a father-son project, Uncle Chuck and his son, Tom, (who teaches Java), jointly developed these 19 FREEWARE Java applets.

Each applet consists of 20 Sokoban puzzles and their solutions. There are a total of 379 Sokoban puzzles. (The 19th applet contains only 19 puzzles and their solutions.)

The basic features of each applet are as follows:

Each applet has nine controls via buttons, plus keyboard input controls, namely:


Project Status (as of January 28, 2001)

Uncle Chuck's Sokoban Solutions applets are FREEWARE for your enjoyment.

There are 379 puzzles and their solutions... requiring numerous months of work to solve and to document the released solutions.

Version 3.3 of the applets is now released. The applets contain Uncle Chuck's solutions to all 379 puzzles.

To ensure quality solutions, Uncle Chuck has solved each puzzle no fewer than four times before releasing his solution.

On January 19, 2001, the original single applet that contained all 379 puzzles and their solutions was "retired" due to its excessive downloading time. That applet was "replaced" with this set of 19 applets, each containing only 20 puzzles and their solutions. Downloading time per applet is now more acceptable.

The 379-puzzles applet (200 Kbytes) is still available, however its downloading time is much greater than one of the 20-puzzles applets (30 Kbytes).

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