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Pacman in Javascript

After using some evenings for crawling through Javascript code of older Pacman games that are not working in modern browsers I will present these games here tonight polished and running.
A game I found many years ago was only playable with Netscape Navigator 4, a browser I didn''t use anymore at that time. So I never could play this game.
Now I ported it into current code (and finished it) and it''s working, it''s amazing, it''s a pearl, a jewel, a two-player-game, with a great ghost-AI. I love it!

This opportunity I will also use to list all the well working javascript games of my collection. They shall be gathered at one place here. So if you are a lover of Javascript Pacman games like me, you will find them here without searching, but if you want to see all, please insert "Javascript" into the searchfield above.
Have fun and be happy!

  1. Pacman in my hands
  2. Pacman lost in Maze
  3. 3D Ms. Pacman
  4. NS4 Pacman
  5. Capman
  6. PAC-5
  7. Older Masswerk Pacman
  8. 30th birthday Pacman
  9. JS-Games-Pacman
  10. The biggest Pacman
  11. HTML5 Flash-like Pacman
  12. Perfect Pacman
  13. Re-pac-t Chompman
  14. Special Pacman
  15. 1999 Pacman
  16. YUI Pacman
  17. Reanimated Pacman
  18. Mysterious P-man
  19. Updated Pacman
  20. Another updated Pacman
  21. Graveyard Pacman

Mein Schlusswort in Deutsch: Kennt noch jemand ein klassisches Pacman-Spiel in Javascript, das hier nicht gelistet ist?


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