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  Thu, 24 Jan 2008 19:01:36 .:. Michael .:. Her/his entries (1)
[Category: The Book]
My Lady Bug story


I am addicted to Lady Bug now for about 25 years. I have seen Lady Bug the first time in a supermarket next door here in Munich/Germany. I don't know why I love Lady Bug the most, compared to a lot of other nice arcade machines (1942, Frogger, missle command, Donkey Kong Jr., Popeye, etc.), which were perambulating through this super market.

With a normal pocket money of 1.50 DM per week, I was not able to play Lady Bug very often, I think. So I were watching more other players playing Lady Bug. After some months the machine of this super market was very damaged. The joystick was very filigree, so it was somehow ripped off after a while. No service guy ever fixed this, so some clever users wrapped some wire around the stick. It was looking crazy, but it worked for a while, even when you had to move the joystick more far to get a reaction of the Bug.

About 6-9 months later the Lady Bug machine was removed. I have found another Lady Bug machine in the city centre next to the main station. I was very happy that I was able to playing Lady Bug again, even when I had to travel about 40 minutes with the train. On the other hand a lot of very curious guys were playing Lady Bug there. One of them was the boss of a gang. After some weeks he asked me, if I could copy him his erotic video collection. I denied that proposal, and never drove again to this place for years.

Some years ago I've heard from a good friend about the emulator MAME for PCs. For me Lady Bug was running perfectly on the emulation. Then I've tried to install MAME also on a Nokia mobile phone. The EEMame emulator of Staffan Ulfberg is a great emulator, but until now I haven't got a satisfying result. On the Nokia 3230 the speed was nearly 100%, but the Lady Bug screen had to be downscaled, so you loose some details. Now on my Nokia E50 you need no scaling anymore with a screen resolution of 240x320, but the speed is only about 80% also without sound emulation. Another problem is the joystick of the E50 phone, it's not ergonomic at all, after 5 minutes playing you get finger pain. I would be happy to hear your experiences about Lady Bug on a mobile phone.

The last months I have searched the web to rebuild a historical Lady Bug arcade machine. It seams that it is hard to find an orginal one here in Germany. I think I have to rebuild the machine from seperate parts. The PCB is easy to find. The next step for me is to search for the eletronic parts, the graphics, and the detailed plan of the cabinet. If you have some tips, you are very welcome to share them.

Kind regards,


P.S.: I also played the flash version of Lady Bug from Jürgen. This is a great emulation, which you can play easily in every browser. The only problem for me is, that the enemy bugs behave differently compared the original game. They stay in a death circle in the middle of the game, when your Lady Bug sits in the save, next right corner from the middle. And this is what you always do, when you want to get to higher levels.

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  Friday, 25 Jan 2008 6:52:15 .:. jml
1.... To: My Lady Bug story

dear michael,
thanks for your story!
i would be glad, if you could tell me a little bit more about the different behavior of the enemy bugs. a guy from the states told me some weeks ago, that the ladybug had a save place, whre the enemies could'nt find it, so that you could leave the game.
is that this, what you mean?
i did not know this. but if you could tell me more about it, i could try to implement this behavior into the flash-game as well.
regards to munich

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