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  Tue, 27 May 2008 20:57:43 .:. arjan .:. Her/his entries (2)
[Category: Generals]
I wrote my own conversion on a Atari 1024

This game got my attention as I once saw it in our local fish-and-chips shop back in the early eithies. It even got to me more when we borrowed an CBS Collect Vision console from my brothers friend for one week. I could not let it go and once I was hacking my way first on a VIC20 in BASIC later and on the Atari 1024 in the ninethies I got the idea. I saw the game once more on a camping site in Belgium, and me myself a promise to once copy this game. With a pensil I draw the layout on the back of a beer mat as close as possible. But I had no good program to make the sprites at first. So then came "STOS", the game design software in basic for the Atari and then I got the time and tools to make my vow come through. It took me about 1 year to complete it, and with some help and comment from my Atari friend I finished it in 1996. Although not as perfect as your conversion, it still got the kick which good game had in the 80's. Great that this piece of software is still around and playable. Respect man, and keep up the good work !! Arjan.

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